Aerator - Plugger - Great for yard renovation

Weighs over 200 lbs when roller filled with water. Aerate up to 19 inches wide.

This unit completely eliminates the conventional and cumbersome center wheel and center drum designs found on other units, which are prone to wear, vibration and damage. Billy Goat’s outboard drive wheels also eliminate center wheel slip and abuse from ramp loading with the tines engaged.

Additionally, the AE401 also eliminates bulky steel weights, in favor of a simple to use water weight positioned directly over the tines for better aeration depth (full tank = 50 lbs.). The unit features the industry’s softest tine engagement and exclusive Lift N Lock disengagement for best-in-class comfort and productivity. After use and during transport, tilt up serviceability, removable tine stars, and Fold-n-Go handles, and easy adjust drive chains make service and transport convenient and simple.


  • Industry’s Softest Tine Engagement and Exclusive Lift-n-Lock Disengagement

  • Outboard Drive Wheels

  • Fold-n-Go Handles

  • Single Bolt Tine Fastener

  • Single-Cylinder Vanguard Engine Advantage